March 15, 2018

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Russia is the largest country in the world. It covers nine time zones and the official language in the country is Russian. Moscow is the capital of the country. Russia ranks ninth among the few most populous countries in the world. Russia offers beautiful places to new visitors and is a picturesque country.Russia occupies the area which lies between Europa and North Pacific Ocean. It spans across all climate zones except the tropical zone. The northern region of the country is covered with coniferous forests, tundra and swamps. Only 8% of the total land is arable. A large part of the country is covered with vast plains. A large portion of the Russian territory lies in the temperate zone. Western Russia comprises of low plateaus. Cobalt, platinum, silver and gold are some of the mineral deposits which are found in Russia. Volga is the main river of the country which flows to the Caspian Sea.

Climate and Weather


Climate varies across the vast country. The two seasons which Russians experience are winter and summer. Spring and autumn can be experienced briefly. Winters in the northern region are harsh and long. The southern half of the country is warmer. Harvest of vegetables and fruits is possible in this weather. By the end of May Russians can go out without warm clothing. Some Russian cities experience extreme weather. Southern Russia, which is close to seashores, is a favoured holiday destination where people travel to get tanned.




The rail network in the country is highly developed. You can travel in the bus and train services in order to cover distances within the country. Trains can be comfortable for long journeys. You can exchange bus tickets from trams and trolley buses. To avail official taxis you need to order them in advance. Having a rough idea about the rates can always be helpful before travelling.


Russian Embassy in India

Russian embassy in India has laid down certain guidelines, which Indian students need to follow in order to enrol in a medical program. It is mandatory for students to obtain a no objection certificate from the Medical Council Of India. All the documents need to be apostle. Severely documents are required in order to issue a Russian student visa. The aspirants need to submit an HIV test certificate. The students need to have a valid passport. A duly filed payment slip is collected by the visa section. One passport sized photograph in alight background is mandatory. For additional information on the visa, the Russian embassy can be contacted.

MBBS in Russia

Russia is one of the sought after destinations for higher education among international students. They offer the right environment and ambience for higher learning. Higher education in the country is provided by both public and non-public institutions. Ministry of education, which lies under the Russian federation, is responsible for licensing and accreditation of the higher education institutions. Education in Russia is highly subsidized. Medical education in Russian universities is the cheapest in entire Europe. The courses are offered in English for the convenience of the international students. Appearing for entrance tests is not mandatory. Admissions are based on the class 12th marks and NEET result. After a Russian degree, the students are eligible for the screening test which is conducted by the medical Council of India.


Here are the Main Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia:


  • Degrees from Russian universities are recognised by MCI, IMED, UNESCO, WHO
  • Students don’t need to appear for any entrance examination or pay any donation at the time of admission
  • Admission procedure is simple and fast
  • Scholarships is provided to students who fit the category of merit
  • Students have the opportunity of earning up to 500 USD as they work during their study years
  • Cost of living is considerably low and ranges between only 80 USD and 100 USD per month
  • Russian medical universities provide student with medical insurance and this covers all costs of medical treatments during their stay in the country
  • Summer vacations are long and this happens to be the best time to travel to one’s own country or explore Russia
  • One of the most historically significant places in the world, Russia is a paradise for travellers
  • There is also ample scope for students to take part in social activities, cultural meets, conferences and excursions organised by the universities
  • Students will have a lovely time exploring the countryside, taking a look at the lovely rituals and practices of the Russians





China is a beautiful land which attracts a large number of foreign students. It is considered as the third largest country in the world. The country abounds in natural resources, plants and animals. Most of the people in the country follow Buddhism. Population in China ranges over 1.35 billion. Chinese civilization is one of the earliest in the world. The country is one of the leading investors in renewable energy commercialization. This country is famous for its rich history. Arts and crafts, which have been developed in the country are quite famous and unique. Martial art, which has gained popularity in the world finds its roots in this nation. It has been seen that the country is evolving as one of the fastest growing economies. It ranks as the second largest economy in the world. It is one of the permanent members in United Nations Security Council.


Climate and Weather

As the nation spans over a large area, climate in the country varies from one region to the other. In the north-east, the summers are hot and dry with inhabitants of the region experiencing cold winters. South-eastern region of the country experiences rainfall, cool winters and semi-tropical winters and summers with rain. The country’s climate is sub-tropical in the south and sub-arctic in the north. Winters are long and cold in north-east China. In places like Hong Kong, rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year. Areas in the north of Yangtze River experience extreme conditions during winters, but the summers are mild. Areas located centrally in the Yangtze River receive high levels of precipitation. The south-eastern coast of the country faces typhoons between July and September.


The well-developed railway system in the country proves beneficial to the international students. It is convenient and affordable to travel the vast expanse of the country in the urban public transport system. The primary means of transport in the city is rail. The larger cities in the country offer the facility of metro. You can use the passenger rails for medium and long distance travel. Trolleybuses form an integral part of the public transport system. The trolleybuses have been introduced since 1950. Electric bicycles are very popular in this nation. There are 500 airports in the entire country. A host of international flights connect China to major countries in the world. For travel within the country, the domestic flights are sufficient. Taxis are available around the campus which helps you to travel from one place to the other. You can use the subway to travel to main spots of the city. It is convenient and inexpensive choice.


Chinese Embassy in India

Chinese embassy in India is located in New Delhi. To pursue medical programs in China, Indian students need to process a student visa. A Chinese visa can be of two types, X1 and X2. For students who have to stay in the country for more than 6 months, an X1 visa is issued. X1 visa holders can apply for a temporary resident permit from Public Security Bureau before completion of 30 days upon entering China. Certain documents are required for the Chinese student visa. The aspirants need to have a valid passport. A completed application form is mandatory. A recent passport sized coloured photograph is essential. A copy of the approved foreign visa application form is required. You need to submit an admission notice which has been issued by the Chinese university. For students who wish to pursue a medical internship it is essential that they submit the application form for medical internship, which is issued by the college. The visa application can be submitted to the officials in the visa office.

MBBS in China

MBBS in China for Indian Students in Low tuition fees. Admission Open. Study MBBS in China in Top MCI Approved Medical Universities of China at affordable tuition fees, Call us now !!!! The advancement of science and technology and scope for employment in China needs no introduction. Medical studies are also vastly advanced and teaching methods are in sync with the present global trends. This is why, thousands of students flock to China every year for pursuing their medical career. The other reason behind this popularity of the country as a destination for Study MBBS in Abroad is the very fact that the course fee here is much low as compared to all European countries and other places of the world. The medical colleges and universities of China are all approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI) and Ministry of Education, China (MOE). International students do not need to learn the Chinese language for understanding their course but can opt for courses which are taught in English. Students who complete their medical courses from Chinese universities are eligible for appearing at USMLE, MCI Screening as well as PLB of U.K.


Here are some of the top benefits of studying medicine in China:


  • MBBS in China is much more affordable as compared to that in European countries as well as the U.S., Korea and Japan
  • Students will get a chance to work or intern at some of the best multinational companies of the world within the country itself
  • Employment opportunities are ample
  • Universities here are world class and there is a constant endeavour to improve the higher education sector making the place ideal for studying
  • Degrees and qualifications earned from Chinese universities are recognised by all developed countries
  • Food can never be an issue here since Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular ones around the world
  • It’s multi-faceted culture makes it easy for international students to adjust in China
  • Locals are friendly and are in the habit of living in harmony with people from different religious backgrounds
  • China is undoubtedly a beautiful country, with ample scope for travelling and breath-taking scenic beauty
  • Climatic conditions vary since the area of land covered by the country is vast and thus students have the chance of choosing a climate they are comfortable with when deciding on a university
  • It provides ample scope for travelling and relaxation
  • Learning Chinese, the language, can also be useful since the centre of world trade is shifting towards the East and this will prove to be a valuable skill later on in your life



Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is the largest country within the continent. It has Russia on its east, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary on the west, Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast and Romania and Moldova to the southwest. Ukraine became independent in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union. The change in economy and political structure from the Soviet Union to an independent country made lives of the common people very difficult in the initial years but soon, Ukraine coped with the change and emerged as a successful economy and a prosperous country. Culture in Ukraine is greatly influenced by Christianity and the culture of its neighboring countries.


Geography of Ukraine


The Ukraine’s geography vastly differs from one area of the republic to another. The Eastern European Plains cover the most of the part of the nation. The country is the second largest place in Europe (by area), after Russian Federation. The various area of the country holds diverse geographical features spanning from lowlands to highlands along with seasonal range and a huge hydrography range. The country holds an ideal position in the centre of the eastern part of the Europe. The country lies on the shores of Black Sea (North) and Sea of Azov.


Ukraine borders few European countries like Hungary, Poland and Slovakia in west and Belarus in north, Romania and Moldova in south-west part and Russia in east. The territories of the republic mostly lay inside the Great European Plain but the western regions lies within Pannonia Plain. The Crimea shores (south) are positioned inside the sub-tropical biome i.e. separated from Ukraine through the Crimean Mountain ranges. The western part of the country appears like an alpine-like state which is controlled by the famous – Carpathian Mountains. The northern side of Carpathian Mountains enters the nation from the western side.



The Borispol International Airport is an air entrance for the country of Ukraine. The airport is 36 kilometres away from Kiev. Automobiles like bus, shuttle-bus or a taxi will help the visitors in getting connected to Kiev from the Airport. The students can even demand for pick-up facility from the University.

The country has well-connected and developed system of transportation. Hence, the travellers will not face any kind of problems while visiting from one part of the country to the other. The people can travel across the country via bus or trains. The travelling fare for about 500 kms (distance) is around 12 to 15 US Dollars. Train tickets can be bought in advance in the city or at the railway stations. The travellers can buy the train ticket on the day of the departure only from the railway stations office.

Travel within the city – The students usually travel on Government Transportation like electric buses and subway trains, etc. issued by Colleges. It costs up to 5 US Dollars, per month. The Students are offered concession over the normal rate of the tickets of buses, shuttle-buses, trains, etc.

Ukraine Embassy in Republic India

The head office of the Indian – Ukrainian embassy in located at New Delhi, India.

To collect Visa, the students have to report on time along with all required certificates and documents.


Benefits of Studying MBBS in Ukraine


  • Mbbs in Ukraine follows a high standard of education and teachers here are all highly qualified.
  • No admission test is required for entrance into most of the colleges and universities of the country. The admission process is very simple.
  • Ukraine is a part of the Bologna Process thus ensuring a certain standard of education, control over quality and advisory councils for supervision.
  • World ranking of Ukrainian universities is high in almost every field.
  • Almost all universities of Ukraine are recognized by international bodies and organizations such as WHO also known as AVICENNA Directory for Medicine, IMED International Medical Education Directory of FAIMER, UNESCO and AMEE.
  • The students who have completed their medical degrees in Ukraine are permitted to apply for International Licensing exams like USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), MCI Screening Test as well as other licensing exams taking place throughout the world.
  • Scope of research and detailed study in the chosen subject area is vast in Ukraine.
  • Almost all universities of Ukraine have scope for studying post- graduation and PhD thus allowing students to smoothly move from one level to the other.
  • Guest lecturers and visiting professors of Ukrainian universities include globally acclaimed teachers and working professionals who are able to share their vast experience with the young minds.
  • Many professional courses such as medicine is offered at much lower costs in the universities of Ukraine as compared to anywhere else in Europe.
  • Cost of living is also low in Ukraine. A student with a mediocre lifestyle can survive by spending around 100USD – 200 USD a month.
  • The medium of instruction is English in most courses and thus students do not need to learn a new language for admission into the colleges of Ukraine.
  • The Ukrainian method of teaching is at par with that of the rest of the world and thus students find acceptance in fields of work as well as places of higher education elsewhere.
  • The climate of Ukraine is moderate throughout the year thus making life comfortable.
  • Ukraine has signed a bilateral student agreement with countries such as Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and others thus making it easier for students to shift and to study MBBS in Europe.
  • A vast country with a variety of landscapes and vibrant culture, Ukraine is an attractive destination for those interested in travelling. Students can thus make the most of their holidays by exploring the country they gave chosen to study in.


Why MBBS in Bangladesh



  • Medical Study in Bangladesh similar to Medical Study in India with respect to (Syllabus, Study Pattern, Duration of Study, Similar Medicine, Similar Diseases)
  • Same Culture, Food habits, Language (English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic) same as India
  • Passing MCI Screening test high for MCI Registration
  • Numbers of Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are approved by MCI Act 1956
  • Bangladesh is Dry Country – Alcohol or any Drug consumption is illegal (Best Safest Place for Students Studying outside country),
  • Low Travel Cost
  • Low Living Cost
  • Indian students, who are planning to pursue medical education abroad, can explore the opportunities being provided by Bangladesh in the field of medical education. Most of the Indian students would find it beneficial in terms of standard of education, cost of education, language of communication and other related factors.



Georgia is a country located near the borders of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, known as the Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is surrounded by Black Sea on its west, to the southeast by Azerbaijan, by Russia to the north and by Turkey and Armenia to the south. It has a population of almost 5 million people and its capital is called Tbilisi. Towards the end of the 12th century, the name Georgia was linked to St. George since the country showed particular allegiance towards him.

MBBS in Georgia

Studying in georgia has an advantage in the sense that it gives you always a distinct edge over the doctors belonging to your home country as you are exposed to the living conditions, practices and European systems.

The medicine standards being taught at the Georgian  medical universities are of top quality and are equivalent to the countries who boast of having very tough competitions for selecting out students for the medical training purpose.This European country is looked with respect and grace by the students who are willing to go for a career in medicine. The medical universities of georgia have got a worldwide recognition and offer world class infrastructure.


Why study in georgia?

Today, you must have noticed the expansion of medical education sector in georgia. At present, a lot of well-trained and qualified doctors in the world have pursued their education from well-known georgia medical Universities. The place has now become a major educational hub and students from all parts of the world come here for becoming expert in MD courses and to explore new and lucrative opportunities. The medical sector here is multi-disciplinary in nature, which makes it challenging for the medical students in determining their future. We  provide all the essential information and consultancy services that helps the students in selecting the right medical university in georgia.


Once the students get admitted in any of the well known and eminent medical institutes in georgia, they have the option to either opt for accommodation inside the college campus or else have a room on rent in the nearby PG. Private accommodations are usually more costly than the University hostel charges. Private accommodations are also hostels, but they aren’t supported by the Universities. Yet, all essential amenities are offered in both of these hostels. Since, georgia has changeable climatic conditions throughout the year, hence both blanket and heaters and AC facility in winters and summers are available for the students.


georgia is a stable country that is acknowledged for its high quality living standards and hospitality. The country has strong and convenient transportation systems. Ukrainians always welcome their guests especially the students who come here with a dream of achieving a successful future.

International railways connectivity is with Poland, Bulgaria, Slovak and Germany. Bus routes run from Great Britain, Poland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany. Turkey is best to get from ship ways. The country has a perfectly connected transportation system. Hence, there are no issues while the students plan to go to any new place, you can easily travel by air, railways, metro, buses, trams, ship or trolley buses in all parts of the country.


Talking about the climate, the country is always influenced by monsoons, which begins from Siberia. The winds blow in September, October and in March and April, as well. Yet, it losses it pace while moving towards south and renders cold and dry winters. It creates a difference of about forty degrees between south and north region. During winters, the temperature is 6 to 15 degrees lower, when compared to the other countries’ temperature found on the same latitude.


Indian Food

The Universities in georgia don’t have any mess with the Indian foodstuff. In fact, the availability of common kitchen helps the students to cook whatever they like to. Cooking Indian food independently is the best way to enjoy it. Three or four students can work as a group to brew some Indian dishes in a hygienic, economical, and healthy way. The only thing they have to do is to purchase the groceries and utensils from georgia malls. After witnessing the migration of many Indian students towards georgia, a lot of local Indian restaurants have come up that offer luscious Indian food. The seniors help the Indian freshers in finding the best restaurants in the country.