March 16, 2018

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Accessories are an integral part of an outfit. Your get-up may be one point but incorporate a couple of accessories to it and you’ll have upgraded your look without even trying. Another great thing about them is that most of these fashion accessories are not confined to simply being decorative add-ons. They do actually serve a functional purpose. Let’s take a look at a couple of accessories that you can invest in to make your wardrobe truly versatile and complete.


We have a huge list of hundreds of sports from around the world, ” SARVAM INTERNATIONAL”. With such an unwieldy list, it makes sense to categorise them into smaller groups. There are numerous ways to categorise these sport- they can be groups based on where, when and how they are played. Many are variations of the similar gameplay, and these characteristics can be used to categorize them.

The above categories are just some that I have sued to help organise my large sports list. Here are some more that are yet to be utilized ice sports, winter sports, cue sports…..


We understand while you are home, a substantial amount of  time is spent in kitchen. And to make sure you get the best out your kitchen you need the best kitchen appliances. “SARVAM INTERNATIONAL” brings you a world class collection of high quality kitchen appliances to make you a better homemaker by complementing your kitchen in the best possible way.

Our kitchen appliances give you the perfect balance between superior design and smart technology. Loaded with smart features, find out some of the ways our kitchen appliances can make your life easier.